Esther Dalla Valle is a women’s high quality handbags brand born between Florence, Rome and Padua in 2018. 

Founded by Esther Nicetto, the brand is the union of the name of the designer and the surname of her mother, her first supporter in the realization of the project. 

The aim is to dress a woman who cares about quality and who wants to differentiate herself always in an elegant way.

Our products must give comfort and reliability for strength and quality of the workmanship, and also for the design studied to be versatile, easy to match, sober and catchy at the same time. 


The style of Esther Dalla Valle wants to be the celebration of feminine elegance.

Gold sinuous lines, joyful pastel colors, black and white contrasts, stripes and damask prints. 

The main concept is born from the world of Versailles Palace's style and Marie Antoinette's character connected with the richness of Venetian palaces and villas.

A journey into the world of luxury and exaggeration, rich in gold decorations, crystals and jewels that spark lights and reflections. 

The absolute opulence and satisfaction of every whim is viewed in a modern way highlighting the rigor and seriousness required by tradition and aristocratic power.

The result is a feminine and sophisticated project that differentiate from others with sobriety and class externally, revealing decoration and emotionality within it.